Wine Scores

Those little colored tags scattered across wine shop shelves everywhere carry a powerful message. 88. 92. 95! The scores used to rate wines by various publications can drive the demand and price of wine.

Quality Rating Scale

  • Stellar (95-100) - A rare and unforgettable wine of astounding quality.
  • Highly Recommended (90-94) - Very high quality. A special, well-made wine.
  • Recommended (86-89) - Good to very good quality. Perfect for everyday drinking.
  • Not Too Shabby (80-85) - If you see this wine on sale, it’s worth a try.
  • Pass (0-79) - There are too many other fish in the sea, or rather too many other wines on the shelves.

Value Rating Scale

Note - Prior to 6/24/12, wines retailing for $20.00 or under were rated on a 0-20 scale and wines retailing for over $20.00 were rated as either Stellar, Highly Recommended, Recommended, Not Too Shabby, or Pass. As of 6/24/12, all wines will be rated as to their quality and to their value on the above rating scale.

  • 5/5 Exceptional Value
  • 4/5 Very Well-Priced
  • 3/5 Well-Priced
  • 2/5 Slightly Overpriced
  • 1/5 Overpriced

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